Keen is a printed black and white magazine devoted to women.
The actress Catherine Deneuve once said: “Women are magic”.
And it is exactly this magic that we intended to capture for the magazine.
We illustrate very different models, each having a very different personality, another body,
another charm and still we can all describe with one term: “beauty”.
Our photographers show amazing photos of the models with the respect and admiration for feminity.


Issue 2

Cover Nadine 1.6 230x300 - ABOUT


Cover Shanina 1.7 230x300 - ABOUT


Cover Georgia 6.1 230x300 - ABOUT

Covers photographed by Bryce Thompson


Issue 1

magazinecover 30.1 230x300 - ABOUT


magazinecover 31.1 1 230x300 - ABOUT

Covers photographed by Remi and Kasia