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We introduce the singer and songwriter Stan Taylor who surprises with an amazing voice and great contents in his songs.
Stan Taylor has found inspiration to create and perform music in many inconspicuous places. The natural acoustics generate feelings, sounds and vibrations that are unique. Stan has been developing as an independant artist for nearly a decade. Raised in Central California, he moved to LA in 2009, after winning a reality television competition with ABC/Disney. This opportunity opened doors for Stan to begin building a network in Los Angeles to create and perform music. Stan delivers seemingly effortless, soulful, and smooth acoustic renditions of covers he has selected to pay homage to Icons like Al Green, Billy Paul, Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder. In his own journey as a musician it s clear that Stan sees himself as a student of these great idols. Taylor´s genuine, raw and authentic Talent will make you stop what you are doing and listen to the magic being made onscreen.His carefully cultivated selection of covers definitely points to a quality over quantity approach that garnered respect and admiration from his fellow artists. Stan Taylor combines youthful energy and a world-class voice with intangible charisma and vintage soul. Emotional, passionate, raw and moving, These adjectives not only describe Stan Taylor the artist, these also describe what listeners feel and experience when they hear Stan perform. Stan Taylor has a gift for finding the extraordinary, within what most others would see as ordinary. The Keen Magazine shares the love for Stan Taylor´s music with his worldwide fans.




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