The Story Behind #MyCalvins 

The Story Behind #MyCalvins 

From creating the most coveted pairs of designer jeans, to birthing the trend of boxer briefs. For over five decades Calvin Klein has shaped, revolutionized, and set the pace of what is sexy. The brand’s clean aesthetic paired with its forever young DNA, is synonymous with some of the most iconic visuals in modern history and an assembly of our favorite women. 

In the 1980s, a young Brooke Shields entered the living rooms of millions of Americans, as the star in the now-iconic  “Nothing” (comes between me and my Calvins) TV commercial which advertised the brand’s denim line. Flash forward to the Nineties, and audiences were introduced to a racier image of the all-American classic. The 1992 ad campaign starring a topless Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg, stirred up a hefty amount of controversy, equivalent to breaking the internet in this day and age. The imagery formed the blueprint for future jeans and underwear ads by the brand, and was loosely recreated by Justin Bieber and model Lara Stone in a spring/summer 2015 jeans campaign. 


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Image aside, Calvin Klein means business. The namesake company which was founded in 1968 by native New Yorker Calvin Klein and business partner Barry K. Schwartz, initially focused on the sale of women’s coats. A couple years in, a full collection of ready-to-wear was born, which prompted millions in annual revenues. Menswear, fragrances, and homeware, were later added to the product mix responsible for transforming a small business into a global fashion force. Though Mr. Klein is no longer directly involved in the day to day operations of the brand – he sold it to conglomerate PVH. Corp in the year 2002 – his vision of high-style simplicity lives on. 


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Fall 2019 marks the first time Naomi Campbell joins the brand known by its initials, as an underwear spokesmodel. The supermodel is seen in a series of #MyCalvins campaign images, sporting a black bra top and matching panties. In keeping with the brand aesthetic outlined by the Calvin Klein founder himself – visuals are high in sex appeal, subtle in delivery. Proving, yet once again, that less is indeed more.


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HONG KONG – JANUARY 27, 2016: entryway of Calvin Klein store at Elements Shopping Mall. Calvin Klein Inc. is an American fashion house founded by the fashion designer Calvin Klein. – Bilder

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Calvin Klein at Vanity Fair Party for the 6th Annual Tribeca Film Festival, New York State Supreme Courthouse, New York, NY, April 24, 2007 – Bilder

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